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Allied for Water Science

Supporting water science through education and data services

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Who We Are

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Strategic Collaborators

  • We value the contributions of others.
  • We respond to our community’s needs.
  • We build bridges across institutions.
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Innovative Catalysts

  • We bring new ideas, technologies, and science into practice.
  • We pursue creative use of technology, bringing innovation to the community.
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Impactful Leaders

  • We work for the greater good.
  • We deliver high-value services and tools that make a positive impact.
  • We actively engage with the community to drive lasting change.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CUAHSI is committed to ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values reflected in our internal culture and practices. Our vision is that CUAHSI’s commitment to DEI will strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration among water scientists by fostering the representation of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in the hydrologic sciences.

SAVE THE DATE! CUAHSI 2023 Biennial Colloquium

June 11-14, 2023. | More details coming soon!

Upcoming Events

  • Postdoctoral Grant Writing

    Join us for a discussion on Postdoctoral Grant Writing as a part of our Navigating Academic Waters Series with AGU H3S.

  • Managing Water for a Changing Planet - A virtual workshop to identify our most pressing water resources issues

    Fresh water is vital to life - for us and for the ecosystems we rely on - yet supplies of freshwater are increasingly challenged. Climate change, population growth, inequities in water supply, and land cover changes are impacting the amount and quality of fresh water. Continued access to fresh water will be one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century. Our goal for the Managing Water for a Changing Planet workshop is to co-develop a roadmap for the next generation of tools and solutions that can address water challenges within the next five years. We will do so by harnessing the ideas, knowledge and perspectives of a diverse group of stakeholders.

  • Pipelines, Portals, and Visualizations

    CUAHSI Cyberseminar Series: Making Waves in Water Science: Open Source Tools

    Four speakers present tools for hydrologic data pipelines, democratizing steam metabolism, open water models, and experimenting with National Water Model data.


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