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Allied for Water Science

Supporting water science through education and data services

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Who We Are

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Strategic Collaborators

  • We value the contributions of others.
  • We respond to our community’s needs.
  • We build bridges across institutions.
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Innovative Catalysts

  • We bring new ideas, technologies, and science into practice.
  • We pursue creative use of technology, bringing innovation to the community.
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Impactful Leaders

  • We work for the greater good.
  • We deliver high-value services and tools that make a positive impact.
  • We actively engage with the community to drive lasting change.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CUAHSI is committed to ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values reflected in our internal culture and practices. Our vision is that CUAHSI’s commitment to DEI will strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration among water scientists by fostering the representation of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in the hydrologic sciences.

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Save the Date for the CUAHSI 2023 Biennial Colloquium!

Join us at the CUAHSI Biennial, taking place at the Granlibakken Resort near beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, June 11-14, 2023!

Upcoming Events

  • Call for Workshops and Breakout Sessions: 2023 CUAHSI Biennial

    We invite proposals for short workshops or breakout sessions for the 2023 CUAHSI Biennial Colloquium.

  • 2023 IRES El Salvador Application Deadline

    International Research Experience for Students Summer 2023 - El Salvador

    Now seeking MS and PhD students to conduct hydrological and sociocultural research in El Salvador. 

  • Snow Measurement Field School 2023

    Accurate snowpack property measurements are needed as ground truth for remotely sensed data, as input for hydrological models, as input to ecological models, and as data when making avalanche forecasts. This course provides hands-on training and experience with snow measurements, to help directly with snow measurement research objectives and for interpreting snow measurements collected by others.


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