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Acknowledging CUAHSI

NSF policy stipulates grantee responsibility for acknowledging material based on or developed with NSF support in any publication, including web pages. Your acknowledgment of CUAHSI support provides a measure of CUAHSI's success.

A few examples for when you might acknowledge CUAHSI are if:

  • An experience funded by one of our grant programs contributed to your research,
  • A technique or method learned in one of our workshops contributed to your research outcomes,
  • You used data found in one of our data repositories,
  • You think we're awesome and you want others to be able to benefit from our resources as well!

We recommend using the following to acknowledge CUAHSI in your work:

"This material is based on [data, workshop, and/or grant][provided/facilitated] by CUAHSI with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Cooperative Agreement No. EAR-1849458."

You can also reference CUAHSI's Strategic Plan

CUAHSI Strategic Plan 2023-2028.

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