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Your donation to CUAHSI supports ongoing programming, continuity of services, and the seeds for growth beyond what our federal grants can fund.

To sustain the critical mission of CUAHSI and empower the water science community, the CUAHSI Board of Directors and Executive Director of CUAHSI are announcing a first-ever fundraising goal, with an initial target of raising $75,000 by August 2024.

Your donation provides sustainability to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our mission of empowering the water community and advancing science, by supporting:

  • Salaries for 18 full-time employees who support the CUAHSI community
  • Support for students and early career researchers through fellowships and research grants
  • Free data storage, management, and publishing through Hydroshare
  • Education through the CUAHSI Virtual University
  • Endless online webinars available on YouTube
  • Annual community meetings
  • Continuity of services in the event of a government shutdown or disruption to our federal funding
  • And more!

Thank you for considering a contribution to CUAHSI!

Please reach out to email hidden; JavaScript is required with questions.

An Important Message to Our Donors

CUAHSI greatly appreciates all donations received and is committed to managing donations responsibly. While other fundraising platforms deduct 3% to 10% in fees from each donation, we use a 100% free fundraising platform called Zeffy. Zeffy does not charge you or CUAHSI for transaction fees, so your entire donation goes directly to CUAHSI. Instead, Zeffy prompts you to add a fully optional additional donation to help cover their costs.

Please watch for the Zeffy contribution when completing the donation form below. If you do not wish to contribute to Zeffy, choose ‘Other’ in the drop-down menu and then enter $0.

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