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CUAHSI’s Cyberseminar program enables researchers to circulate their work to the community by providing an inexpensive and convenient alternative to in-person meetings. Each cyberseminar series features presentations from experts on a new or timely topic, and all cyberseminars are free and open to the public. Every presentation is recorded and archived for later viewing.

Upcoming Cyberseminars

  • Navigating Academic Waters: Bridging the Gap: Aligning Academic Training with Professional Expectations

    A significant challenge for new graduates is the transition from academic environments to the diverse demands of sectors such as industry, government, and academia. This seminar seeks to address these challenges by identifying the crucial gaps that students face as they transition from academic institutions to professional environments in various sectors.

  • Navigating Academic Waters: Collaboration and Building your Networks

    In this seminar, attendees will hear from panelists about forging relationships, whether that be via formal collaborations or informal peer support networks. Panelists who have a track record of working and collaborating across disciplines will share strategies for identifying mentors and their strengths (mentor mapping), and share tips for collaborating on projects effectively.

  • Navigating Academic Waters: Giving Back and Providing Service as a student and early career hydrologist

    In this seminar, panelists will discuss types of service opportunities that are a good fit for student and early-career researchers. We will speak with leaders across multiple service avenues in the hydrologic sciences in order to better inform your decision whether or not to engage in service opportunities and how to make those opportunities fulfilling and worthwhile.

Recent & Ongoing Cyberseminar Series

2024 Navigating (beyond) Academic Waters: Expectations, Collaborations & Service

Join this series of webinars to hear more on the specific needs of early career hydrologists as they embark on their careers. Focus on identifying missing skills, finding a group of collaborators, and balancing service in their new careers.

2023 Navigating Academic Waters Series with AGU H3S: Finding your Niche

Professional development activities targeting early career hydrologists effectively highlight career opportunities within and beyond academia; however, these conversations often overlook how early career hydrologists can “find their niche” within the large variety of career opportunities. This series of webinars and co-working meetings is aimed to help early career hydrologists develop essential skills that allow them to more effectively create the hydrologic niche that best aligns with their values and desired career goals.

Integrating Citizen Science with Water Resources Research Across the Globe

The series of eight interactive online webinars will include sessions on the logistics and organizational requirements to manage successful citizen science projects, methods-focused sessions to share best practices in water resources data collection and data use in decision-making, and sessions on integrating citizen science projects in educational settings.

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Using Hydroviz to Support Undergraduate Student Learning

This two-hour workshop aims to introduce undergraduate instructors to a course module and resources developed to engage undergraduate students in visualization of data grounded in the Food-Energy-Water-Nexus (FEW-Nexus). Course instructors will guide participants on ways to develop diverse local and regionally specific scenarios for teaching and learning that would involve decision-making about socio-hydrological issues.

Making Waves in Water Science - Open Source Tools

CUAHSI’s community support hydrologist Clara Cogswell has convened this webinar series in order to foster discussion within the water science community around open source tools; and celebrate scientists who lower the barrier to entry for water research by making their tools open source. CUAHSI hopes that through this series, speakers and participants will discuss different approaches to open source development, find new intersections for collaboration, be inspired by novel use cases as well as new developments on older works.

2022 Navigating Academic Waters Panels with AGU H3S - Postdoctoral Grant Writing

Join us for a discussion on Postdoctoral Grant Writing as a part of our Navigating Academic Waters Series with AGU H3S. 

2022 Navigating Academic Waters Panels with AGU H3S - Navigating Non-academic Waters

This virtual event will be relevant for many career stages, whether you are a student seeking job opportunity information or a professional interested in switching to a non-academic job related to water.

2022 Navigating Academic Waters Panels with AGU H3S - Succeeding as a Postdoc

This webinar will help all early career researchers better understand where and how to apply for a postdoc as a graduate student and how to excel in the position once you have it.

Hydrologic Science and Indigenous Voices

In this series, indigenous leaders in water knowledge and hydrologic science explore how hydrological sciences are defined and who is included in that definition. Throughout the series, we explore how Native American people relate to water, what water issues are important for us to reflect on, how we can increase inclusivity in the hydrologic sciences community, and what challenges and opportunities we face as scientists and community members when finding resilient solutions to climate change.

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