CUAHSI's data tools provide access to thousands of hydrologic, biogeochemical, and geographic data sets from U.S. federal agencies, university projects, and community science monitoring. 

Browse the tools below to learn more. 

  • HydroShare

    HydroShare enables discovery of multiple types of water data including time series data, GIS data, models and more. HydroShare also enables users to create groups to share data with collaborators and perform analyses in the cloud. 

    Examples of data types supported by HydroShare include: 

    • Geographic features (e.g. shapefiles) and geographic rasters. HydroShare has tools developed for specific GIS data types that allow users to view without needing to download any data or software. 
    • Multidimensional data. HydroShare uses the Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) specification for multidimensional; data. Multidimensional; space-time data is commonly used for hydrological modeling (e.g., precipitation pr surface air temperature that vary in space and time.)
    • Models and model instances. HydroShare has tools for specific models like the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and MODFLOW, but can be used to stor and disseminate any type of model instance. 
    • Other data types. HydroShare supports many other data and file types not listed here. Upload any data type, including web applications, scripts, collections of different data, pdfs, word documents, and more. 

    Review the Hydroshare Getting Started Guide or visit the HydroShare Help Pages for more information or contact for more information about discovering data in HydroShare.

  • Hydrologic Information System

    CUAHSI’s Hydrologic Information System (HIS) data portal provides access to nearly 100 data sources, including over 3.5 million unique time series, from federal agencies, university researchers, and volunteer science groups through a single map interface, with all data returned in the same format. Use HydroClient at to search for, preview, and download time series data like stream gauge measurements, meteorological station measurements, repeated “grab” samples, and soil moisture measurements. To learn more about HydroClient, check out the HydroClient User Guide.

  • Water ML R Package

    Combine the full power of R with environmental time series data using the WaterML  R Package. This R Package allows users to search for and download time series data from CUAHSI’s catalog natively in the R environment to take advantage of the vast statistical analysis and visualization capabilities of R.