Above: HydroClient (data.cuahsi.org) can be used to discover data from U.S. federal agencies, university researcher projects, and citizen science monitoring all in the same format. 

  • HydroClient

    Use HydroClient on data.cuahsi.org to search for, preview, and download time series data like stream gauge measurements, meteorological station measurements, repeated “grab” samples, and soil moisture measurements. HydroClient enables users to discover and preview plots of data from federal agencies, university researchers, and watershed organizations all in the same format. To learn more about HydroClient, check out the HydroClient User Guide.

  • WaterML R Package

    Combine the full power of R with environmental time series data using the WaterML R Package. Available in the CRAN Library, this R Package allows you to search for and download time series data from CUAHSI’s catalog natively in the R environment to take advantage of the vast statistical analysis and visualization capabilities of R.

  • HydroShare

    HydroShare allows you to find time series data, GIS data, models and more with tools to collaborate with your colleagues, research group, or class. HydroShare is a platform where you can find many types of data, create groups to share data with only your collaborators, and run analyses in the cloud using only your web browser.

  • Classroom Resources

    Discover and develop curriculum on the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) HydroModules site and utilize real data with support from CUAHSI staff. Data driven exercises can teach students to discover and analyze data while considering important factors including interpreting metadata, data provenance, and data scarcity. Additionally, students may better understand scientific concepts if they are demonstrated through data generated from observations in a place they are familiar with. Our tools will minimize the time it takes students to discover and download data and maximize the time for analysis. For more information, click here or get in touch with the CUAHSI staff

  • Legacy Tools

    CUAHSI has developed numerous tools for accessing and analyzing data that are still available to the community but are no longer supported or maintained by CUAHSI staff. HydroDesktop, is one tool that was developed for discovery and analysis but is no longer supported.  

    HydroDesktop is a free, open source application for finding and analyzing hydrologic data from the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS). You can analyze data with any of a number of included tools or you can export the data to use elsewhere. HydroDesktop is also extendable, which means plug-ins can be added to provide additional functionality.

    Visit this page for more information about CUAHSI's Legacy Tools.