Each cyberseminar series features presentations from experts on a new or timely topic, and all cyberseminars are free and open to the public. Additionally, every presentation is recorded and archived for later viewing.

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Cyberseminar Program Information

Upcoming Cyberseminar Series

Upcoming Fall 2021 Cyberseminar Series:

  • Tools for integrating and synthesizing data from CZOs and watershed sites. The goals for this series are to understand the portfolio of innovative and computationally advanced cyberinfrastructure tools, workflows and modelling approaches that aim to improve our understanding of critical zone functioning. Each webinar will provide an overview of the key capability followed by a discussion of the potential use in cross-disciplinary integration and cross-site synthesis activities. This is the 2nd of the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Cyberseminar Series. Convened by the CZN Early Career Network in partnership with the Critical Zone Collaborative Network. Thursday’s, October 21 - December 2, 2021, from 12:00-1:00 ET. Learn more and Register Here!
  • Join us for CUAHSI Cyberseminar Series on Digital Hydroconnectivity to discuss the recent advances in geospatial data-driven approaches for developing hydrologic dependency of infrastructure systems. The series will provide an overview of methods, new research, and databases on accessible water data initiatives. November 2-30, 2021, Tuesdays 1pm -2pm ET. Register Here!
Host a Cyberseminar

Have a topic that you want to share with the community? Consider hosting a Cyberseminar!

If you have a water science related topic that you would like to build a cyberseminar series around, please contact us! The cybserseminars are successful because of the dedicated hosts that bring fresh new topics and perspectives to each series. Cyberseminar hosts are responsible for defining the series theme and inviting speakers to participate – CUAHSI will handle the logistical coordination and marketing!

Please email commgr@cuahsi.org to discuss your idea.

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All CUAHSI Cyberseminars are recorded and archived.

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