Advanced Short Course: Integrated Simulation of Watershed Systems Using ParFlow

October 3 - 4, 2019

Location: University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ


Laura Condon
University of Arizona
Nick Engdahl
Washington State University
Reed Maxwell
Colorado School of Mines


The objective of this course is for students to develop and run a complete watershed model in ParFlow starting from scratch. This includes selecting boundaries for a domain, terrain processing, grid definition, slope testing and spinup, running with EvapTrans files, obtaining meteorological forcing data, and the nuts and bolts of running on shared clusters. The course will also cover the basics of benchmarking and performance scaling, which are often required when applying for time on supercomputers. An overview of the ParFlow source code tree, how to modify the code, and how to contribute to the model’s development will also be provided. At the end of the course, students will be able to take the same workflows used in the class and apply them to create simulations of their own domains of interest.

Eligibility and Requirements

Graduate students, post-docs, and professionals working in hydrology are invited to participate.

This course will not cover the installation of ParFlow. Students MUST have ParFlow installed on their own laptop computer and be able to run locally; no installation support will be provided during the Advanced course.

Users will also need some additional free software programs installed before the course. A list of programs will be provided in advance of the course.

Students will be required to run a specific test case and generate a specific output plot prior to the course to demonstrate their basic proficiency with the code, but do not need extensive experience with ParFlow.