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Audrey Sawyer

Ohio State University

Lecture Topic: submarine groundwater discharge

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B. S. Daya Sagar

Indian Statistical Institute - Bangalore Centre

Lecture Topic: Mathematical Morphology in Digital Elevation Models
Key Terms: Geospatial Data Sciences, Morphological Interpolations, Morphological Extrapolations, Catchment, Quantitative Surficial Analysis
Intended Audience: General audience/ GenEd eg. Intro to Environmental Science

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Behzad Ghanbarian

Geology Department, Kansas State University

Lecture Topic: Scale and its effect on flow in porous media
Key Terms: Scale-dependent permeability, Finite-size scaling analysis, Pore-scale simulations, Pore-scale heterogeneity
Intended Audience: Upper level/ Grad eg. Catchment Science

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Chelsea Clifford

Iowa State University

Lecture Topic: artificial aquatic ecosystems, Tile drains and agricultural streams in the Midwest, USA

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Christopher Chini

Air Force Institute of Technology

Lecture Topic: Energy Water Nexus , Water Footprints of Cities

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Darren Ficklin

Indiana University

Lecture Topic: climate change and the hydrologic cycle, watershed modeling

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Dipankar Dwivedi

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lecture Topic: Biogeochemical Controls on River Water Quality

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Elizabeth Perera

York University

Lecture Topic: Iceland and its local patchy wetlands (sites) (DOI: 10.1007/s13157-016-0784-1), Juneau Icefield Research Project, Infiltration in Volcanic Soils (DOI: 10.1657/1523-0430(06-076)[ORRADOTTIR]2.0.CO;2)

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Emily Stephan

NYC Parks

Lecture Topic: Stream Assessments in NYC (forthcoming), Mapping landscape nutrient and denitrification processing

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