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Amber S Jones

Utah State University

Lecture Topic: Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Hydrologic Time Series Data Managing and Sharing Scientific Data: Using HydroShare to Facilitate Publication and Reproducibility
Key Terms: data management, time series, monitoring, reproducibility
Intended Audience: Other

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Nick Wildman, CERP

Massachusetts Division Of Ecological Restoration

Lecture Topic: 1) Restoring riverine ecological processes through dam removal in post-industrial New England. 2) Economic benefits from ecological restoration in Massachusetts, USA. 3) Practical elements of ecological restoration for Project Managers
Key Terms: restoration, monitoring, community, resilience, climate change
Intended Audience: Other

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Robia Shaheen

University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Lecture Topic: Water Scarcity Impacts and Challenges of Water Governance in the world with special reference to Pakistan
Intended Audience: Other

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Sam Prentice

USDA Forest Service

Lecture Topic: Applied watershed science and management in National Forests - can tailor topics / format to meet audience
Key Terms: Watershed science, postfire, Q&A
Intended Audience: Other

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Sanjib Sharma

Pennsylvania State University

Lecture Topic: Improving flood hazards estimation and communication to inform decision-making
Key Terms: Hydrology, meteorology, climatology, uncertainty quantification, decision science
Intended Audience: Other

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