About Let's Talk About Water (LTAW) Grant Program

Are you interested in film, or in water, or in communicating science? Submit a proposal to CUAHSI’s Let’s Talk About Water grant program! CUAHSI’s LTAW program provides an opportunity for you to engage others in discussions about important water issues. Learn more about the benefits of developing a Let's Talk About Water event in this EOS article. LTAW grants are awarded to cover reimbursement costs of up to $7,500.

Linda Lilienfeld, founder, Let’s Talk About Water:


There are 3 proposal options available to you: 

  1. Hold a traditional Let’s Talk About Water Event: Create a panel, screen a film that is related to water issues, and ask the panel to address questions from the audience related to the film and/or water issues. 
  2. Hold a traditional Let’s Talk About Water Event plus host a science communication workshop for students, and then ask workshop participants to form the discussion panel.
  3. Create a short film about water that can be hosted by CUAHSI and screened at a CUAHSI event or posted online. As a scientist, this type of event gives you the opportunity to tell the story of your (or someone else’s) work in a way that connects with a broad audience. 

Proposals will be accepted starting November 15, 2021 until January 14, 2022. Let's Talk About Water Program Application

Eligibility & Requirements

Students, student groups, faculty and staff affiliated with U.S. universities and colleges are eligible to apply for an LTAW Grant.

Application Requirements:

  1. 2-page CV
  2. A statement describing the proposed activity.
  3. A one-page proposed budget, including justification. Note indirect costs are not allowed in the grant budget.
  4. Students and student groups are asked to provide a Letter of Endorsement/Commitment from the applicant’s advisor.

The grant is awarded as a reimbursement after the completion of the event, meaning that costs should be covered by the event organizer up front. CUAHSI can also work with event organizers to pay directly for event costs if needed.

Questions can be directed to Veronica Sosa Gonzalez at vgonzalez@cuahsi.org

LTAW Event Resources

CUAHSI, through support from the National Science Foundation and the Johnson Family Foundation, has developed resources to enable you to host your own Let's Talk About Water event. CUAHSI staff are available to provide support if you have questions as you develop your event. 

The LTAW event formula is simple;

  1. Decide what you are trying to achieve and who you are trying to reach.
  2. Choose a film and panel, determine a communications topic or create a film that supports your objective and target audience.
  3. Market your event or film and create buzz.
  4. Make it an engaging forum for a lively discussion!

As a scientist, LTAW events give you the opportunity to tell the story of your work, or someone else’s, in a way that connects with a general audience. For a more comprehensive list of water and environmental films that have been shown at previous LTAW events as well as past university and community events, view the complete Film Inventory on the official Let's Talk About Water website. And check out the recording of the LTAW Short Film Showcase webinar here!

Listen to 2020 LTAW Grant winner, Paula Buchanan, speak about the benefits this award had on her career:

View Attack of the Evil Fatbergs!