Pipelines, Portals, and Visualizations

November 1, 2022 / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Venue/Location: Virtual


Deni Murray
University of New Hampshire
Mike Vlah
Univeristy of Texas El Paso
Luis Garnica
University of Texas El Paso
James Halgren
Water Institute

Four speakers present tools for hydrologic data pipelines, democratizing steam metabolism, open water models, and experimenting with National Water Model data.

This webinar series highlights researchers and scientists who are developing open source tools for use within the water science community and across research disciplines, and explores the tools they have created. This series will feature 10 minute lightning talks from 13 different speakers who are actively working to create open source tools across a wide spectrum of use cases. Each session will feature 4 speakers, and include a question discussion period at the end.

Presentations Include:

  • Deni Murray - The Critical Zone Biogeochemistry and Hydrology Data Pipeline
  • Mike Vlah - StreamPULSE: Tools for Democratizing Stream Metabolism
  • Luis Garnica - Swimming through Open Water Models for Sustainable Water Futures
  • James Halgren - An open jupyter portal for experimenting with National Water Model data