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Logos & Usage Standards

CUAHSI logos can be used to acknowledge CUAHSI support.

No explicit permission is necessary to use CUAHSI's logo. The logo may be used to:

  • Acknowledge CUAHSI for support
  • Link to the CUAHSI website
  • Acknowledge CUAHSI assistance
  • Whenever possible, the full-color logo should be used.

The logo cannot be used in a manner that falsely implies employment by or affiliation with CUAHSI. CUAHSI's logo may not be used to endorse a product or service. 

Questions regarding use of the CUAHSI logo should be sent toemail hidden; JavaScript is required.

Logo Versions:

Color Logo with Tagline

The color logo is CUAHSI's primary trademark. Effort should be made to use this version at all times.

Download the Color Logo with Tagline

Color Circle Logo

The color logo is for limited use, generally only when printing the logo at a small scale where the text will be illegible.

CUAHSI Round Logo

Download the Color Circle Logo

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