AGU Fall Meeting

December 15

Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Details

The annual American Geophysical Union fall meeting will be taking place in San Francisco, CA from December 11-15, 2023. Visit the AGU website for details.

CUAHSI will be hosting a series of meet-ups at the Pods, located at Moscone West, 2nd Level West Alcove. These will be great opportunities to reconnect with fellow program participants and for potential new applicants to ask questions and learn more about the various programming. Click on the links for more detail including times and pod numbers.

  1. National Water Centers Innovators Program Summer Institute
  2. CUAHSI Virtual University
  3. CZNet NSF-REU
  4. CUAHSI Awards & Fellowship Programs

CUAHSI staff and collaborators will be presenting their research in sessions, workshops and in the poster hall. Below is a list, click on the links to find out times and locations and to see if they are available on-line as well as in-person.

  1. H11H-1369 - An integrative framework for setting-up the National Water Model at subdomain using community cyberinfrastructure to enable hydrologic modeling research
  2. H41P-1985 - GroMoPo: A Groundwater Model Portal to enable Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) groundwater modeling
  3. IN13D-0604 - The CUAHSI HydroShare Platform for Hydrology Data and Model Sharing
  4. IN23A-07 - Leveraging the Vocabulary to Create an Actionable Metadata Representation for Geospatial Data and Computing Resources
  5. SCIWS19 - End Member Mixing Analysis in Hydrogeochemistry with Case Studies
  6. B53H-1982 - Integrating Satellite Imagery and Hydrological Methods for Effective Flood Monitoring and Vegetation Health Evaluation in Vineyards
  7. H22D-02 - Open Source Scientific Cloud Pipelines to Support Multiscale Hydrologic Modeling Studies
  8. IN12A-04 - Supporting Data Sharing and Discovery for the Earth’s Critical Zone through Cross-Repository Interoperability
  9. SY43D-1078 - Empowering Environmental Justice in Salinas, Puerto Rico: Lessons Learned from a Community-Engaged Exploration of Earth Observation Data Applications
  10. SY43F-1095 - Proposed uses and enhancements of NOAA’s National Water Model (NWM) to advance equity, climate adaptation, and emergency management: Lessons learned from a community-engaged assessment of the NWM’s value for resilience-related planning
  11. SY43G-07 From Frames to Action: Bridging the Gap between Water Science and Policy through Film and Dialogue