Strategic Plans

Draft. CUAHSI Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028

We are pleased to share an early preview of the CUAHSI 2023 - 2028 Strategic Plan, which will be finalized over the next few months. Input received from CUAHSI staff, our Board of Directors, a 2022 NSF Management Review, Member Representatives, Standing Committees, users of CUAHSI resources and the community were an important component in the development of the plan, and we look forward to sharing the final version with you later this year.

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CUAHSI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Final Strategic Plan

In November of 2019, CUAHSI's ad hoc committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion created a draft Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

CUAHSI is committed to ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion are core values reflected in our internal culture and practices. Our vision is that CUAHSI’s commitment to DEI will strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration among water scientists by promoting the acceptance of diverse ideas and perspectives in the hydrologic sciences. The strategic plan seeks to align CUAHSI’s DEI strategy with our overall strategic planning process and to coordinate DEI analysis and actions throughout CUAHSI programming.

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2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan

The CUAHSI Board of Directors and I extend thanks to everyone from across our community who provided input that helped shape this plan into an important document for CUAHSI. This plan will help guide CUAHSI and the Board of Directors as we seek to increase our outreach and meet the needs of the hydrologic science community. We belief this plan also provides a roadmap for new partners and services for CUAHSI.

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