The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused a sudden shift to online teaching for most universities in the United States and globally. There is a large variation in access to and preparation for online delivery among institutions and individual faculty. CUAHSI and our collaborators, led by Dr. Adam Ward (Indiana University) are delivering quality online content, resources for improving online delivery, and building a community of practice for sharing the burden of maintaining quality teaching during the crisis through a RAPID Award. 

Even without the current crisis, there has been a longstanding desire in the hydrology community to share, co-develop, and improve our teaching practices. We expect these resources to significantly improve learning outcomes for students across the United States and world. Over the longer term, we expect this work to catalyze a new era of collaborative teaching, mized online and in-person delivery, and an overall increase in the quality of hydrology teaching nationwide. 

New products include a web page linking to online educational resources, a Hydrology Guest Lecture Database, and a HydroShare collection on Educational Resources for Hydrology and Water Science.