Partners at the University of Colorado are conducting a pilot project that will foster open, accessible, and reproducible model-data integration for the sciences that deal with water, should and sediment at and near Earth's surface. The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System CSDMS, led by Dr. Greg Tucker (University of Colorado, Boulder) was awarded an EarthCube grant in August to combine the strengths of two complimentary technologies: CUAHSI HydroShare and an existing suite of computer simulation tools for water-and soil-related processes developed by CSDMS. Integrating the CSDMS Workbench simulation modeling tools with the HydroShare platform will increase research productivity by simplifying the processes of finding, learning, and running appropriate models; by bringing models and data together on the same computer system; and by making it easier to package, share, and re-use the digital files and software that result from published research. CUAHSI is providing support for this project out of our operational cooperative agreement.