If you are interested in organizing a training, CUAHSI can help. CUAHSI can provide funds to seed workshop and training development, and assist in organizing, advertising, and executing short courses or workshops. CUAHSI services include staff support for class planning (including integrating CUAHSI's data services into the curriculum, collection of registration fees, assistance with selection of class venue, publicity, execution of necessary contracts) and underwriting of the class to remove any financial liability from the class instructors.

CUAHSI has limited funds available to subsidize classes as well, primarily for instrumentation workshops. In most cases, registration fees cover nearly the full cost of the class. Professors are typically not compensated for developing the class, although honoraria can be paid to support staff that help with the class.

If you are interested in proposing a new training, please contact commgr@cuahsi.org and complete the training proposal form.

Training proposal forms will be accepted on a rolling basis. However, if you are interested in hosting a workshop in 2021, to submit proposals by August 1, 2020.