"I feel that the Pathfinder Fellowship was one of the most positive experiences of my Ph.D...This project provided me with a unique opportunity to work at a different university with faculty outside of my specific discipline."

Kristen Welsh Unwala, 2013 Pathfinder recipient, traveled to the University of Wyoming
"Overall, I am so thankful for the Pathfinder fellowship support because without it I would not have been able to collect complementary data from the Arctic to compare to my base site in the Antarctic. Furthermore, along with collecting complimentary data, I was also able to gain valuable teaching experience."

Alia Khan, 2012 Pathfinder recipient, traveled to Longyearbyen, Svalbard (island in Arctic Circle)
"This project allowed me to lead a hydrological investigation at a new field site, that would not have been accessible to me without the support of CUAHSI's Pathfinder Fellowship program, that has enhanced my leadership and hydrological skillset as well as my overall PhD experience and education. "

Scott Jasechko, 2012 Pathfinder recipient, traveled to Uganda
"My participation in this field campaign and the data gathered have considerably strengthened my dissertation, and also given me field experience in a harsh environment that should be valuable in a career in snow science…it was very fortunate that I could take advantage of the opportunity afforded by such a large, well-organized field campaign, and that Pathfinder funding could support my travel. "

John Mioduszewski, 2012 Pathfinder recipient, participated in international field campaign Led by Environment Canada near Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
"I specifically chose …to work with internationally recognized sediment transport expert Dr Marwan Hassan. His flume lab and detailed field monitoring site at East Creek were vital to my research… My PhD dissertation has greatly improved as a direct result of this research. Without this funding I would never have been able to conduct research with Professor Hassan nor conduct experiments vital to my thesis. Thank you. "

Hal Voepel, 2010 Pathfinder recipient, traveled to the University of British Columbia
"This summer’s research has exposed me to several entirely new ecosystems and watersheds. This exposure has broadened my understanding of rivers and floodplains and their interactions and given me a better appreciation for how these interactions vary from stream-to-stream, watershed-to-watershed, and worldwide."

Jeffery Muehlbauer, 2009 Pathfinder recipient, traveled to Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin, Germany
"My CUAHSI Pathfinder-funded trip to the University of Aberdeen was an amazing learning experience as a PhD candidate in the later stages of my degree. The opportunity to pick up and move in with another research group for an extended visit was quite stimulating from both professional and personal perspectives. The skills I learned and relationships I developed are certainly an incredible asset to my graduate experience and future career."

Cody Hale, 2009 Pathfinder recipient, traveled to the Northern Rivers Institute (NRI- http://www.abdn.ac.uk/nri/) at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK