• 2009 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution (Advisor) Host Topic
    Cody Hale

    Oregon State University (Jeffrey McDonnell)

    University of Aberdeen's Northern Rivers Institute Revealing dominant runoff processes and their sensitivity to environmental change through
    inter-comparison of storage, mean transit time, and scaling relationships in Scottish and
    Pacific Northwest catchments
    Kaiyu Guan Princeton University (Eric Wood) Mpala Research Center & Conservancy (MRCC) Quantify the Effects of Water Stress on Vegetation Productivity in Tropical African Savanna by Combining Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Gas Exchange Measurements
    Kathleen Moore Oregon State University (Julia Jones) Universidad Austral de Chile Compare and contrast the magnitude of streamflow responses to forest damage from the well-documented Mount Saint Helens and the recent Chaiten volcano eruption in southern Chile
    Jeffrey Muehlbauer University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Martin Doyle) Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) and the Institute of Biology at the Free University Berlin Stream Signatures: Assessing hydrologic and geomorphic controls on riverine-floodplain biotic subsidies
  • 2010 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution (Advisor) Host Topic
    Nikolaos Apsilidis Virginia Tech (Panos Diplas) Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (CHL) Local scour at bridge piers
    Ricardo González-Pinzón Oregon State University (Roy Haggerty) USGS The relationship of metabolically active transient storage to hyporheic flow paths in streams
    Annelen Kahl University of California, Santa Barbara Northwest Watershed Research Center Heterogeneity in the accumulation and melting of mountain snowpack
    Christa Kelleher Penn State University (Thorsten Wagener) Montana State University

    Comparative diagnostic evaluation of a distributed hydrological model in Montana and Pennsylvania headwater catchments

    Avirup Sen Gupta Utah State University (David Tarboton) Unidata Program Center General area of Hydrologic Information Systems (HIS)
    Hal Voepel Desert Research Institute University of British Columbia Three Dimensional Stochastic Simulation of Coarse Particle in Gravel-Bed Rivers
  • 2011 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution (Advisor) Host Topic
    Ryan Gordon Syracuse University (Laura Lautz) Ohio State University Groundwater-surface water interactions in proglacial alpine meadows and their influence on downstream water resources in a semi-arid region of the Peruvian Andes
    Tracie Jackson Oregon State University (Roy Haggerty) University of Idaho Developing a Predictive Residence Time Distribution for Surface Transient Storage:
    Flume Experiments
    Keshia Koehn University of Notre Dame (Patricia Maurice) University of Vienna Distribution and bioavailability of Fe and other trace metals associated with natural aquatic colloids
    Katrina Koski Henry New Mexico Tech (John Wilson) Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) Contaminant Transport in Karst
    Kenneth Takagi Boston University (Andrew Kurtz) Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory (LCZO) Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
  • 2012 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution (Advisor) Host Topic
    Ashley Bandy University of Kentucky (Alan Fryar) USDA Mobility of 15N-tagged Escherichia coli within karst aquifers, Kentucky, USA
    Salli Dymond University of Minnesota (Paul Bolstad) USDA Forest Service’s Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF) δ13C in Tree-Rings using a Long-Term Soil Moisture Record
    Christian Guzman Cornell University (Tammo Steenhuis) Pan-American School of Agriculture Conference on Sediment Transport Modeling in Hydrological Watersheds and Rivers, Istanbul,
    Scott Jasechko University of New Mexico (Zachary Sharp) Makerere University Water resources and ecosystem growth at the source of the Nile River
    Alia Khan University of Colorado, Boulder (Diane McKnight) University Centre in Svalbard A bipolar comparison: understanding black carbon impacts on snow-melt hydrology and water-quality in Longyearbyen, Svalbard
    John Mioduszewski Rutgers University (David Robinson) Climate Research Division, Environment Canada Understanding Arctic Spring Snow Melt Using a Comprehensive Methdology:
    Incorporating Field Work From Inuvik, NT
    Jackson Webster University of Colorado, Boulder (Joseph Ryan) USGS Effects of Wild Fire on Mercury Transport and Sulfur Dynamics
  • 2013 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution (Advisor) Host Topic
    Jordon P. Beamer Oregon State University University of Alaska, Fairbanks Improved Glacier Runoff Simulations in an Operational Hydrological Model: Prince William Sound
    Jessica Ebert University of Colorado University of Botswana Fate and transport of dissolved organic matter through aquatic systems: Application in the Okavango Delta, Bostwana
    Minseok Kim Johns Hopkins University University of Arizona, Tucson New ways to observe and model the relationship between flow and transport at hillslope scales
    Dongyue Li Ohio State University University of California Improving the estimate of snow microwave radiance for a better characterization of snow water equivalent via a comparative study of maritime snow and continental snow
    Kevin Roche Northwestern University University of Vienna The response of benthic (river bottom) and hyporheic biofilms to varying hydrodynamic conditions at at WasserCluster Lunz, Austria
    Dominik Schneider University of Colorado, Boulder Universidad de Chile Establishing transferable sub-pixel relationships for estimating snow depth from remotely-sensed snow covered area and a DEM
    Bijan Seyednasrollah Duke University University of Idaho Role of vegetation density and pattern on net snow cover radiation at the forest floor
    Kristen Welsh Unwala University of Idaho University of Wyoming Water balance components within an agricultural microwatershed in Costa Rica to examine water flow and contaminant pathways under different climate scenarios
  • 2014 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees


    Institution (Advisor) (Dept/School/Institute)



    Scott Allen

    Louisiana State (Richard F. Klein) (School of Renewable Natural Resources)

    Clemson University (William H. Conner)

    Controls over Evapotranspiration in Forested Wetlands

    Theodore Barnhart

    University of Colorado (Noah Molotch) (Geography)

    University of California Santa Barbara (Christina (Naomi) Tague)

    Snowmelt Partitioning Dynamics in Response to Climate Change

    Elizabeth Chamberlain

    Tulane University (Torbjorn E. Tornqvist) (Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

    Columbia University (Michael Steckler)

    Validating optically simulated luminescence dating of fine grained fluviodeltaic quartz

    Robert Mahon

    University of Wyoming (Brandon McElroy) (Dept. of Geology and Geophysics)

    Imperial College London (Vamsi Ganti)

    Expanding our understanding of sediment and bedform dynamics in rivers from two-dimensions to three-dimension using wide-flume experiments at Imperial College London

    Brett A Poulin

    University of Colorado (Ryan Joeseph) (Dept. of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering)

    United States Geological Survey – Boulder, CO (George R. Aiken)

    Mercury cycling in sulfer limited ecosystems

    Caitlin Rushlow

    Idaho State University (Sarah Godsey) (Geological Sciences)

    The Ohio State University (Audrey Sawyer)

    Modeling the effects of precipitation variability on the coevolving thermal regime and hydrology of an Arctic hillslope

    John Volk

    University of Nevada, Reno (Scott Tyler) (Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences)

    National Center for Atmospheric Research (Martyn Clark)

    Towards Improving Global Earth Systems Modeling: Evaluation Methods for Groundwater Hydrology and Importance for Sub-grid Lateral Flow Routing

  • 2015 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution (Advisor) Host Topic
    Jotautas Baronas University of Southern California (Douglas Hammond) Trent University (Bastian Georg) Four sites, two proxies: Combined 30Si and Ge=Si as hydrological and biogeochemical tracers in the Critical Zone
    Benjamin Clark Columbia University (Ruth DeFries) Ashoka Trust (Jagdish Krishnaswamy) A fine balance: Sustainability of agriculture intensification and water security in India
    Kaylyn Gootman University of North Carolina (Jaye Cable) University of New Mexico (Ricardo González-Pinzón Assessing hyporheic zone flow paths and metabolic function in variably clogged streambeds
    Laura Hempel Oregon State University (Gordon Grant) University of British Columbia (Marwan Hassan) Geomorphically effective flow regimes in gravel-bed rivers
    Carrie Jensen Virginia Tech (Kevin McGuire) Fernow (Pamela Edwards) Stream network expansion and contraction dynamics in headwater catchments throughout the Appalachian Highlands
    Katherine Lininger Colorado State University (Ellen Wohl) Umeoa University (Lina Polvi Sjöberg Floodplain organic carbon storage in boreal regions: Comparisons between human-altered and unaltered floodplains in Sweden and Alaska
    Sarah Schmitt University of North Carolina (Diego Riveros-Iregui Ascension Island (Nicola Weber) The role of tropical fog in groundwater recharge, soil water movement and floristic biodiversity
  • 2016 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution Host Topic
    Laura Belica North Carolina State University Peter V. Caldwell (U.S. Forest Service) Evaluating the potential of a spatially explicit, high resolution, model of subcanopy solar radiation to better estimate the influence of vegetative shade on headwater stream temperatures
    Michael Durham University of Georgia Nour-Eddine Laftouhi (Faculty of Sciences Semlalia at Marrakech) Assessment of water resources through the development and evaluation of enhanced hydrologic measurements in arid and semi-arid environments
    Alice Hill University of Colorado, Boulder Inom Normatov (Tajik National University) Dissecting river flow: quantifying how melting glaciers and snow impact Central Asian water stress
    Sierra Jech State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry Jeremy Shaw (State of Utah) Hopanoid Biomarker Analysis of Microbialite Communities in the Great Salt Lake
    Mary Grace Lemon Louisiana State University Georgianne Moore (Texas A&M University) Quantifying source waters to forested floodplains
    Michael O’Connor University of Texas at Austin Scott Painter (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Unraveling the relationship between thaw depth, soil properties, and groundwater flow in an Arctic watershed
    Morgan Okeson University of Kansas Steven Holbrook (University of Wyoming) Elucidating the control hillslope hydrologic connectivity and chemical weathering on the development in shrink-swell soils: Electromagnetic induction (EMI) can help illuminate spatial and temporal patterns in soil moisture
    Peter Regier Florida International University Jeremy Jones (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) Comparing high-frequency dissolved organic carbon dynamics in discontinuous permafrost catchments
    Garrett Rue University of Colorado, Boulder James Pope (Center for Minerals and Environmental Research, CRL Energy) Acid Mine Drainage and Rare Earth Elements
    Siddharth Saksena Purdue University Peter Singhofen (Streamline Technologies) Integrated modeling of surface-subsurface processes to understand river-floodplain hydrodynamics from reach to watershed scale
    Dan Scott Colorado State University José Ortega (Autonomous University of Madrid) Bridging the Gap Between Rocks and Riparian Life: Understanding the Geomorphic Needs of Riparian Plants in Steep, Confined River Canyons
    Timothy Stephens University of Georgia Thomas Meixner (University of Arizona) Hydrology and Hydraulics of Urban Floodplains as Influenced by Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems: A Regional Comparison
    Xiaonan Tai University at Buffalo – SUNY Brent Ewers (University of Wyoming) Predicting the Impact of Soil Depth and Porosity on Plant Transpiration at a Hillslope Scale
    Molly Tedesche University of Alaska, Fairbanks Jeffrey Rasic (National Park Service) Climate Driven Extent Changes in Perennial Snowfields in the Central Brooks Range, Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, Alaska
  • 2017 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution Host Topic
    Jason Alexander University of Wyoming Jagdish Krishnaswamy (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment) Assessing controls on emergent sandbar top-surface elevations in wide, sandy, braided rivers 
    Ryan Crumley Oregon State University Gabriel Wolken (Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys and University of Alaska, Fairbanks) Improving Snow Modeling Assimilation Datasets from Citizen Science-based Observations 
    Near Thompson Pass, AK 
    Kyotaek Hwang Syracuse University Gerald Flerchinger (United States Department of Agriculture)

    Thermal infrared-based ET estimation approach over various land surface and atmospheric conditions of wetlands in St. Lawrence Valley region and Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed 

    Courtney Jackson Pennsylvania State University Alfred Kalyanapu (Tennessee Technological University)

    Acquisition and analysis of UAVs data to study stream flow 

    Keith Jennings University of Colorado, Boulder Thomas Painter (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

    Quantifying the Spatial Variability and Climate Sensitivity of  Snowmelt and the Snowpack Energy Balance

    Meghan Klasic University of California Davis Manuel Fischer (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology)

    Using people to understand policy: a water quality quandary in two transboundary lake systems 

    Sasha Leidman Rutgers University Matthew Beedle (Juneau Icefield Research Program)

    Impact of supraglacial streams on solar radiation absorption 

    Yinxin Mao University of Washington Wade Crow (United States Department of Agriculture) A dual state/rainfall correction system for improved large-scale hydrologic prediction 
    Jordyn Miller Purdue University Trinity Hamilton (University of Minnesota)

    Glacial meltwater infiltration and aquifers 

    Jeremy Reiman Louisiana State University Lei Gao, Weiguo Zhang (East China Normal University) Comparison of diurnal CO2 outgassing and riverine dissolved carbon dynamics in the Mississippi 
    River, USA and Yangtze River, China 
    David Rey Colorado School of Mines Michelle Walvoord (United States Geological Survey) Field Investigation of Supra-permafrost Taliks Informed by Remote Sensing and Airborne Electromagnetic Data
  • 2018 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution Host Topic
    Eric Barefoot Rice University  Kyle Straub (Tulane University) Experimental investigation of short-duration, high-amplitude hydrologic perturbations, and the impacts on fluvial environments
    Max Barczok Kent State University  Casey Bryce and Andreas Kappler (Universität Tübingen) Iron-bound phosphorous bio-availability in an arctic ecosystem as function of hydrology and redox regime
    James Berglund Temple State University  Jonathan Martin (University of Florida) Rare earth elements as natural source mixing tracers for karst springs during storm flow
    Kimberley Bitterwolf University of California, Santa Cruz Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Isotopic co-variability during silicate vs. carbonate weathering: A case study in the Fraser River, Canada
    Charlotte Haberstroh University of South Florida Chantha Oeurng (Institute of Technology of Cambodia) Effects of monsoonal-driven flood dynamics on (micro)plastics transport in the Mekong river floodplain in Cambodia
    Jewell Lund University of Utah Hans-Peter Marshall (Boise State University) A two-pronged field campaign in the Intermountain West to explore Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR) signals of snowpack ripening and melt-refreeze cycles
    Corrie Nyquist University of Minnesota  Gísli Már Gíslason (University of Iceland) Evaluating effects of stream thermal regime on chironomid longevity and fecundity
    Aaron Potkay Rutgers University  John Sperry (University of Utah) Collaboration with Prof: Sperry: Developing a whole-plant hydraulics model along soil-root-stem-leaf-atmosphere continuum
    Charles Scaife University of Virginia  Naomi Tague (University of California, Santa Barbara) Assessing the impacts of drought disturbance on long-term catchment-scale streamflow
    Joseph Wasswa Syracuse University  Noble Banadda (Makerere University) Linking occurrence patterns of chemicals of emerging concerns in the urban streams with hydrologic processes: A comparison between Syracuse and Kamapala
  • 2019 Pathfinder Fellowship Awardees
    Fellow Institution Host Topic
    Eunsang Cho  University of New Hampshire Sujay Kumar and Carrie Vuyovic (NASA) Quantifying Impacts of Subsurface Drainage Expansion on Regional Hydrologic Response Using NASA Land Information System 
    Sayan Dey  Purdue University  Greg Pasternack (University of California, Davis)  Developing large-scale 3D representation of river networks for accurate hydrologic-hydrodynamics simulations
    Andrew Friedrichs University of California, Davis Won Sang Lee (Korea Polar Research Institute)   Turbulent Mixing Below Antarctic Ice Shelves
    Memphis Hill Pittsburgh University  Pankaj Trivedi  Effects of Vehicle Emissions on Near-Road Freshwater Sediments 
    Kristy Lam  University of Hawaii  Luiz Fernando (State University of Ponta Grossa)  Understanding soil water retention behavior of key tropical agricultural soil of Hawaii. 
    Caio Mattos Rutgers University  Rafael Silva Oliveira (University of Campinas)  Hydrologic influence on plant function across climates
    Matthew Sena Kansas University  Daniel Hirmas (University of California, Riverside)  Relating Soil Structure and Hydraulic Properties to Chemical Distributions of Midwestern Mollisols using Hyperspectral Scanning Technique
    Kanishka Singh Cornell University  David Eissenstate (Pennsylvania State University)  Integrating root plasticity into ecohydrologic simulation to predict seasonal revierine flooding risk following Eastern hemlock loss. 
    Claire Vavrus Colorado School of Mines Luke McGuire (University of Arizona  The impact of roads on hillslope erosion via rilling and gullying in post-wildfire landscapes
    Dongxiao Yin  Louisiana State University  Xitian Cai (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   Introduce Nitrogen Cycle to the National Water Model 

Photo Credits: Scott Jasecho, Sarah Schmitt, Molly Tedeschi