Let’s Talk About Water is a format for hosting successful film events for water science education through bringing attention to water and environmental issues by using film and panel discussions to engage audiences and encourage critical thinking. 

CUAHSI, through support from the National Science Foundation and the Johnson Family Foundation, has developed resources to enable you to host your own Let's Talk About Water event for water or environmental science education! CUAHSI staff are also happy to provide support if you have questions as you develop your event. For additional ideas and inspiration, check out the CUAHSI LTAW event archives or letstalkaboutwater.com to see what others have done with their events in the past. 

Have you hosted an LTAW event? Let us know how it went! 

  • The LTAW Formula

    The Let's Talk About Water Formula

    Hosting an LTAW event is easy. There are four main steps: 

    1. Define the event objectives and identify the target audience.

    2. Choose a film and construct a panel that supports your event objectives and target audience. 

    3. Build the buzz and get people excited to attend the event! 

    4. Make it fun! 

    Using the Let’s Talk About Water format, you can run a successful film event in your community, help spread the word about water issues, and improve science communication! 

    Check out our tips for hosing an LTAW event on our Let's Talk About Water Event Guide Infographic

  • Film Guide

    Let's Talk About Water Film Guide 

    Let's Talk About Water capitlizes on the power of film to create a fun and education science event. Films are impactful tools for the sciences because they engage audiences emotionally which: 

    • Heightens audience interest 
    • Helps the audience make real world connections
    • Provides common ground for communication
    • Creates teachable moments which motivate the audience to care about science

    Plus, everyone loves to go to the movies!

    However, film selection is an important component of your event. By clearly defining the objectives and target audience of your event, you will be able to choose a film that resonates strongly with your audience and has a strong overall impact. It is important to choose a film that the target audience will connect to, and is not too far outside of their comfort zone.

    We have created a Film Guide to help you select the best possible film for your event! 

    For a more comprehensive list of water and environmental films that have been shown at previous LTAW events as well as past university and community events, view the complete Film Inventory on the official Let's Talk About Water website.

  • See for Yourself - LTAW Video Resources

    Want to see what a Let's Talk About Water event looks like?

    Program Developer Linda Lilienfeld talks about the strategy behind Let's Talk About Water and we take a look at an LTAW event that took place at Central Michigan University.


    This short video describes the steps for creating an LTAW event!