Watershed-scale Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure

2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series

Aditi Bhaskar / Colorado State University
Krissy Hopkins / USGS

Talk Description:

The cumulative effectiveness of detention, infiltration, and harvest-focused stormwater management on a watershed-scale in maintaining urban watershed function has not been straightforward to observe or predict.  This presentation will discuss the results of a watershed-scale green infrastructure implementation in Clarksburg, Maryland in terms of watershed hydrology and function.  Combining this case study with others on networks of stormwater management, hypotheses of how watershed-scale hydrologic and water quality response would change in response to implementation of different types of stormwater management will be presented.  The monitoring and urban hydroinformatics needed in order to detect these responses and test these hypotheses will be discussed.

CUAHSI's 2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series: Urban Stormwater Hydroinformatics

Host: Randy Dymond, Virginia Tech

This timely cyberseminar series addresses a mashup of the serious problems that today’s cities are facing with flooding, inadequate information about their infrastructure, the critical need for monitoring water quantity and quality holistically, and the role of modeling for performance and scenario evaluation.