Urban Hydrology and the National Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management (NCIMM)

2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series

Ben Hodges / University of Texas at Austin

Talk Description:

NCIMM has been funded by the US EPA to build and enhance the open-source modeling communities surrounding the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) and the EPANET water distribution model.  SWMM in particular represents the combined efforts of a large, diverse, and committed community of stakeholders over decades and around the globe, and both tools are used around the world, by many thousands of users, in practical applications and research.  The NCIMM views its role as a trust to continue this legacy, and combines efforts in research, code development, and broad outreach to engage the broader community of researchers, municipalities, engineering firms, software vendors, and others who have a stake in the future of these models. In this webinar, we will discuss the goals and future plans of NCIMM, and invite discussions as to ways that NCIMM can work with CUAHSI members in advancing modeling science for urban hydrology, watershed management, water distribution systems, and related application areas.

CUAHSI's 2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series: Urban Stormwater Hydroinformatics

Host: Randy Dymond, Virginia Tech

This timely cyberseminar series addresses a mashup of the serious problems that today’s cities are facing with flooding, inadequate information about their infrastructure, the critical need for monitoring water quantity and quality holistically, and the role of modeling for performance and scenario evaluation.