Troubled Water

Seth Siegal /

 In Troubled Water: What’s Wrong with What We Drink, Seth Siegel explores how America’s drinking water became contaminated, how it impacts public health, and what solutions exist that can make US drinking water safer. This cyberseminar exposes the tragic public health crisis, highlights the everyday heroes that have tried to force changes in the quality and safety of drinking water, and concludes with what America must do to reverse decades of neglect. For a variety of reasons, contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and lead, have been getting into drinking water across America. Many of these contaminants are linked to cancer, heart disease, birth defects, and lowered IQ. Because many of these contaminants are not regulated, no testing is required – leaving millions of households unknowingly at risk. Many communities have been forced to drink bottled water, but the quality and safety of this alternative is also unreliable. Fortunately, technologies already exist that are able to remove these harmful contaminants and make drinking water safe. Since most of the pipes and treatment plants are far beyond their useful life, over $1 trillion is needed to upgrade the US drinking water infrastructure.

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