The application phase (i.e. materials and interviews)

2019 H3S Fall Cyberseminar Series

Hamed Alemohammad / Radiant Earth
Theo Barnhart / U.S. Geological Survey
Joanna Blaszczak / University of Nevada Reno
Jeffrey McDonnell / Global Institute for Water Security

Talk Description

There is so much that goes into a job application, from the application materials (CV/resume, cover letter, etc.) to interviews (both phone and in-person). This session will cover each step of the application process. Panelists will share their experiences writing application documents and conducting interviews with the hope of sharing expected and unexpected aspects of the process. Panelists that have served on search committees will also provide students and early career scientists with feedback from the employer’s perspective.

2019 Fall Cyberseminar Series: Beyond Grad School: a Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

Hosted by CUAHSI and AGU H3S

Every Thursday in September, the AGU Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S) will be holding a joint cyberseminar with CUAHSI aimed to provide guidance for students and early career scientists who are or will soon be navigating the job application process. This series will be a four-part cyber-panel with weekly topics including: 1) the pre-application phase (i.e. when and how to start), 2) the application phase (i.e. materials and interviews), 3) the post-application negotiations, and 4) the job transition. Each panel will include members from academia, government, and industry positions and comprised of a discussion and Q&A session. If you have specific questions that you would like the panelists to answer, tweet us @AGU_H3S!