2015 Summer Institute Student Presentations

2016 National Water Center Summer Institute Cyberseminar Series

Adnan Rajib / Purdue University
Peirong Lin / University of Texas

Talk Description:

Summer Institute Course Coordinators Adnan Rajib (Purdue University) and Peirong Lin (University of Texas, Austin) hosted a webinar where last year's Summer Institute students provided an overview of the projects they worked on and their Summer Institute experiences. 

Presentations include:

Hydrologic Evaluation
1.  Peirong Lin (University of Texas at Austin): Spatio-Temporal Evaluation of Evapotranspiration and Streamflow in the NFIE Modeling Framework
2. Tim Lahmers (University of Arizona): Analysis of WRF-Hydro Simulations of the 2008 Iowa Floods: Effects and Sensitivity of Model Structure and Precipitation Forcing

River Bathymetry and Hydraulics
3. Xing Zheng (University of Texas at Austin): River Geometry Information Interoperability for Large Scale Hydraulic Modeling

Flood Inundation Mapping
4. Caleb Buahin (Utah State University): Probabilistic Flood Inundation Forecasting Using Rating Curve Libraries

Web Service and Software Development
5.  Nathan Swain (Brigham Young University): Web Applications for Flood Response with Tethys Platform
6. Zhu Liu (Purdue University): Development of GIS GUI for running LISFLOOD-FP model

This is part of the series of informational webinars providing additional information on the Summer Institute, examples of Summer Institute projects, and an overview of the tools and resources available to participants during the Summer Institute.