Summer Institute Overview of Project Themes

2016 National Water Center Summer Institute Cyberseminar Series

Sagy Cohen / University of Alabama
Sarah Praskievicz / University of Alabama
Ibrahim Demir / University of Iowa
David Maidment / University of Texas at Austin
Alfonso Mejia / Pennsylvania State University
Albert Van Dijk / Australian National University

Talk Description:

Summer Institute Theme Leaders will give an overview of the project themes that students will work under during the Summer Institute. Project themes include:

  • Flood Inundation Mapping – Sagy Cohen, University of Alabama
  • Densified Measurement – Sarah Praskievicz, University of Alabama
  • Data Assimilation and Forecast Error – Ibrahim Demir, University of Iowa
  • Flood Emergency Response – David Maidment, University of Texas at Austin
  • Community Case Studies – Alfonso Mejia, Penn State University
  • Continental Water Balance – Albert Van Dijk, Australian National University

This is part of the series of informational webinars providing additional information on the Summer Institute, examples of Summer Institute projects, and an overview of the tools and resources available to participants during the Summer Institute.