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NSF Hydrologic Sciences Program Webinar


Laura Lautz, Program Director, NSF - Hydrologic Sciences

Ingrid Padilla, Program Director, NSF - Hydrologic Sciences & Critical Zone Collaborative Network

Justin Lawrence, Program Director, NSF - Critical Zone Collaborative Network, Geomorphology and Land Use Dynamics, Hydrologic Sciences

The Hydrologic Sciences Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) awards grants for fundamental research on the fluxes of water in the environment. Over the past decade, the program has seen a number of changes, both within the field of hydrologic science and in the NSF proposal review process. In this webinar, Program Managers from NSF’s Hydrologic Sciences Program will provide guidance for investigators on the scientific focus of the program and how to write a competitive proposal. Topics during the seminar will include when and how to contact Program Managers, the types of awards made through the program, the merit review process, expectations for data management plans and reporting, and guidance on submitting interdisciplinary proposals. The seminar will also discuss how you can actively engage with the National Science Foundation. The webinar will be targeted for early career investigators, but all are welcome to participate. Following the presentation, there will be time for open-ended questions for the Program Managers.

This webinar took place on March 18, 2020. 

View the webinar recording here