H3S, AGU, and You: Navigating the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting as a student or early career Hydrology Section member


Kaylyn Gootman / University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Megan Brown / University of Colorado
Ana Hermes / University of Colorado
Caitlyn Hall / Arizona State University
Qina Yan / University of Illinois

Talk Description

Are you a student or early career AGU Hydrology Section member? If so, you have representation in the Hydrology Section through the Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S). H3S is dedicated to a number of ideas and issues within the geosciences complementary to those highlighted by the larger Hydrology Section. We strive to provide student members with opportunities for professional development as well as social interaction and networking within the broader geosciences community. We achieve these goals by organizing activities at the AGU Fall Meetings and online. Join us for an interactive conversation where you can learn more about the role H3S, hear about planned events at the 2018 Fall Meeting, ask questions, and have your voice heard in the broader Hydrology community.