Share, Publish and Execute your SWAT models with HydroShare and SWATShare

2016 HydroShare Cyberseminar Series

Venkatesh Merwade / Purdue University
Jeff Sadler / University of Virginia

Talk Description:

How can you collaborate with others when creating, calibrating, and verifying a hydrologic model? What do you do with your hydrologic model, in which you have invested many hours, after your research project is over? Do you want your model to be published and shared with others for future work and collaboration? How can you use a repository of publicly shared models to advance hydrologic science? This seminar will focus on HyroShare’s model publishing and sharing capabilities. In addition to publishing and sharing hydrologic models, HydroShare enables interoperability with other systems to access additional functionalities for model execution and visualization using distributed computing resources such as XSEDE. This presentation will focus on interoperability between HydroShare and SWATShare, which is a cyberinfrastructure for publishing, sharing, execution and visualization of SWAT models. SWATShare functionalities can be accessed from HydroShare via apps in such a way that that a user does not need to have separate accounts on the two systems or on XSEDE to access the computing resources for model execution and visualization. Specific case studies of how HydroShare/SWATShare can be used for collaborative research and education will be presented.