Delineate Watersheds and Perform Hydrologic Terrain Analysis with HydroShare and CyberGIS

2016 HydroShare Cyberseminar Series

David Tarboton / Utah State University

Talk Description:

How easy is it for you to perform hydrologic terrain analysis on your desktop computer?  Do you have the necessary software?  Does your PC have enough memory and storage to crunch the data?  Earlier seminars introduced HydroShare's data and model sharing functionality.  In addition to data and model sharing, HydroShare supports web application programs (apps) that can act on data stored in HydroShare, just as software programs on your PC act on your data locally.  This can free you from some of the limitations of local computing capacity and challenges in installing and maintaining software on your own PC.  HydroShare’s web-based cyberinfrastructure can take work off your desk or laptop computer and onto infrastructure or "cloud" based data and processing servers.  This seminar will introduce the approach to web based computing that HydroShare’s cyberinfrastructure provides.  The TauDEM hydrologic terrain analysis software has been implemented as an app at the NCSA CyberGIS Center, and linked to HydroShare.  This presentation will show you how to upload digital elevation model data into HydroShare and then use the CyberGIS TauDEM app to delineate watersheds and save the results as new datasets in HydroShare.  The presentation will also demonstrate how to use additional HydroShare apps to visualize your elevation data, derived terrain analysis products, and resulting watershed polygons. HydroShare and supporting apps provide new capability for advanced analysis on large datasets without requiring you to install software or have hardware with capacity for the analysis.  The presentation will also describe ongoing development of further apps and functionality in HydroShare to support hydrologic data analysis and modeling.