Share and publish your data and models with HydroShare

2016 HydroShare Cyberseminar Series

David Tarboton / Utah State University

Talk Description:

This is the first in the webinar series that will demonstrate how HydroShare can be used to conduct better research and comprehensively fulfill Data Management Plans for many different types of data including GIS files, model components, and time series data. How will you manage the data for your next big collaborative project?  HydroShare is an online, collaborative system for open sharing of hydrologic data, analytical tools, and models.  It supports the sharing of and collaboration around “hydrologic resources” which are data, or models in formats commonly used in hydrology.  HydroShare expands the data sharing capability of the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System by broadening the classes of data accommodated to include geospatial and multidimensional space-time datasets commonly used in hydrology.  HydroShare also includes new capability for sharing models, model components, and analytical tools. It can help you manage your data among collaborators and meet funding agency data management plan requirements.  It can publish your data using citable digital object identifiers (DOIs).  In this seminar you will learn how to load files into HydroShare so that you can share them with colleagues and publish them.  I will show how to manage access to the content that you share, and how to easily add metadata, and in some cases how metadata is automatically completed for you.  The capability to assign DOIs to HydroShare resources means that they are permanently citable helping researchers who share their data get credit for the data published.  Models, and Model Instances, which in HydroShare are a model application to a specific site with its input and output data can also receive DOI's.  Collections allow multiple resources from a study to be aggregated together providing a comprehensive archival record of the research outcomes, supporting transparency and reproducibility, thereby enhancing trust in the research findings.  Reuse to support additional research is also enabled.  Files in HydroShare may be analyzed through web apps configured to access HydroShare resources.  Apps support visualization and analysis of HydroShare resources in a platform independent web environment.  This presentation will demo some apps and describe ongoing development of functionality to support collaboration, modeling and data analysis in HydroShare.  Questions will be taken after the presentation. Webinars are free and open to the public. Webinars will be recorded and posted to the CUAHSI website for later viewing.