Highlights from Student Projects of the Innovators Program

2016 Fall Cyberseminar Series

Peirong Lin / University of Texas at Austin
Adnan Rajib / Purdue University

Talk Description:

To establish the National Water Model (NWM) as the new frontier of intelligent decision support with nation-wide flood forecasting and inundation mapping capability, the 2nd Summer Institute of the CUAHSI–National Water Center Innovators Program hosted 34 graduate student research fellows from 21 US universities from June 6 to July 20, 2016. During the seven-week program, students expertized in atmospheric science, hydrologic-hydraulic engineering, and social sciences worked collaboratively on 12 projects, leveraging the NWM outputs. The projects were thematically categorized under four domains: flood modeling, inundation mapping, forecast errors, and emergency response. In this presentation, the goals and outcomes from each thematic project category will be presented. The successful implementation of this program has produced a 120-page CUAHSI technical report that compiles the research outlines of student projects, which would potentially augment the operational NWM capability; it has also established strong professional relationships among students of various disciplines. Further research is being continued by the student groups in accordance with their academic advisors.

CUAHSI's Fall 2016 Cyberseminar Series on the National Water Model!

The cyberseminar series discusses the National Weather Services’ vision for the National Water Model, as well as provide an overview regarding the underlying technology of the model. Additionally, highlights from last year’s Summer Institute will be presented, followed by information regarding the plans for next year’s Summer Institute and how interested community members can be involved.