Research to operations: Implementation and evolution of the NOAA National Water Model using the community WRF-Hydro System

2016 Fall Cyberseminar Series

David Gochis / UCAR

Talk Description:

The new NOAA National Water Model (NWM) went into official operations at the National Center for Environmental Prediction on Aug. 16, 2016. The NWM utilizes the community WRF-Hydro Modeling System as its underlying modeling architecture which provide a number of different model configuration options for the specification of model physics options, spatial frameworks for computation, parameter estimation and data assimilation approaches. This flexibility, in turn provides a certain degree of flexibility in the configuration of the 4 currently operational configurations of WRF-Hydro for the National Water Model as well as in other hydrometeorological research and prediction projects.  This talk will provide a summary description of the status of the WRF-Hydro modeling system followed by an in depth review of how the modeling system is being configured as the operational NWM.  Emphases will be placed on a description of the details of the current physics and spatial framework options employed, the specification of initial parameter data and also evaluations of initial forecast performance. Regional and national streamflow statistics as well as analyses of recent case study events will also be provided. The talk will conclude with a brief review of the model upgrades that are currently being worked on as part of the next version of the NWM (v1.1) due out in April 2017.

CUAHSI's Fall 2016 Cyberseminar Series on the National Water Model!

The cyberseminar series discusses the National Weather Services’ vision for the National Water Model, as well as provide an overview regarding the underlying technology of the model. Additionally, highlights from last year’s Summer Institute will be presented, followed by information regarding the plans for next year’s Summer Institute and how interested community members can be involved.