Fall 2021 Series: Critical Zone (CZ) Observatories and Watershed Sites - Archive

All recordings in this series are posted on our YouTube channel.

Convened by the CZN Early Career Network in partnership with the Critical Zone Collaborative Network.

Please join watershed science researchers and CUAHSI every Tuesday from 12 pm - 1 pm ET starting August 24th through September 28th for a webinar series on critical zone (CZ) observatories and watershed sites across the world. Each webinar is organized as a series of short talks providing an overview of CZ/watershed sites, followed by a discussion of the existing and potential opportunities for synthesis across these sites.

The goal of this webinar series is to discuss ideas and brainstorm on ways to enhance collaboration and integration across different international critical zone observatories and watershed sites. Participants are encouraged to submit ideas and discussion themes throughout the series that we will organize and present as a starting point for discussion.

Check out this press release from Berkeley National Lab about this series!

View the locations of the sites presented in this webinar series by downloading this KMZ file.

GoogleEarth file in video description, stored here


Montane Sites - Week 1, August 24 - Session Overview: This week features five 7-minute talks that introduce critical zone sites and opportunities to collaborate in montane and pristine environments.


Susan Hubbard/ Lawrence Berkely National Lab

Holly Barnard/ University of Colorado, Boulder

Steven Holbrook/ Virginia Tech

Antonello Provenzale/ National Research Council of Italy

Fan Zhang/ Chinese Academy of Sciences


Pam Sullivan/ Oregon State University

Bhavna Arora/ Lawrence Berkely National Lab


Alpine and Arctic Sites - Week 2, August 31 - Session Overview: This week features five lightning talks that introduce critical zone sites and opportunities to collaborate in critical ecosystems such as those associated with alpine and (sub)arctic environments.


Stan Wullschleger/ Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Melissa Lafreniere/ Queen's University

Yangjian Zhang/ Chinese Academy of Sciences

Heidi Steltzer/ Fort Lewis College

Philip Marsh/ Wilfrid Laurier University


Claire Oswald/ Ryerson University, Toronto

Bhavna Arora/ Lawrence Berkely National Lab


Managed and Agriculture Sites - Week 3, September 7 - Session Overview: This week focuses on observatories across the globe where agricultural production is a driving force of critical zone functioning. Six seven-minutes talks will present concrete examples of ongoing changes affecting the physical structure and/or the water and chemical fluxes across the landscape. These contributions span a variety of climates and agricultural land use types.


Esteban G. Jobbagy/ National Scientitic and Technical Research Council of Argentina (CONICET)

Muddu Sekhar/ Indian Institute of Science

Lixin Jin/ The University of Texas at El Paso

Praveen Kumar/ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Laurie Boithias/ Géosciences Environnement Toulouse

Xinhua Peng/ Chinese Academy of Sciences


Christopher Wellen/ Ryerson University, Toronto

Sylvain Kuppel/ Institute of Research for Development

View the locations of the sites presented in this webinar! Download this KMZ file locating the sites covered in this webinar.


Landscapes Under Disturbance - Week 4, September 14 - Session Overview: This week focuses on critical zone and watershed sites that have, or currently are, experiencing drought and/or wildfire.


William (Bill) Quinton/ Wilfred Laurier University, Georgraphy and Environmental Studies

Andrew Ireson/ University of Saskatchewan, School of Environment and Sustainability, Department of Civil and Geological Engineering, Global Institute for Water Security

Michelle Newcomer/ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Xiaoxu Jia/ Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research

Nicolas Brüggemann/ Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Institute for Bio- and Geosciences - IBG-3, Agrosphere


Claire Oswald/ Ryerson University, Toronto

Jannis Groh/ Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Bio- and Geosciences


Lakes, Wetlands and Streams - Week 5, September 21 - Session Overview: This week's seminar series focuses on critical zone, hydrological, and ecological observatories that monitoring lentic and lotic systems including those dominated by wetlands.

John Kominoski/ Florida International University

Holly Michael/ University of Delaware

Vanessa Bailey/ Pacific Northwest National Lab

Boqiang Qin/ Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology

Ian Giesbrecht/ Hakai Institute and Simon Fraser University


Pam Sullivan/ Oregon State University

Adam Wymore/ University of New Hampshire


Connecting Sites and Data: A Focus on Geomicrobiology - Week 6, September 28 - Session Overview: This week features five lightening talks with an acute focus on geomicrobiological datasets.


Kelly Wrighton/ Colorado State University

Eoin Brodie/ Lawrence Berkely National Lab

Tanguy Le Borgne/ Géosciences Rennes


James Stegen/ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sylvain Kuppel/ Institute of Research for Development