Enabling “Smarter” Urban Watersheds

2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series

Branko Kerkez / University of Michigan

Talk Description:

We will discuss how recent advances in sensing, wireless communications and cloud computing are ushering in new opportunities for the adaptive management of urban watersheds. In particular, we introduce Open-Storm.org, an open source initiative aimed at enabling “smart” urban watersheds. We will illustrate how the flow and quality of water can be resolved in real-time across unprecedented spatiotemporal scales, allowing for a true system-level understanding of urban hydrology and stormwater systems.  Furthermore, we will show how real-time control, in the form of many distributed valves can be used to control and adapt watersheds on a storm-by-storm basis. We will discuss two case studies, which have been built entirely on Open-Storm technologies. The first is a large flash flood warning system in Dallas Texas. The second is a 10mi2 “smart” stormwater system in Ann Arbor, which is currently being controlled in rea-time to meet a variety of flood-reduction and water quality goals. We will also discuss the outcomes of a joint urban watershed sensing workshop that was co-hosted by CUAHSI and the University of Michigan.

CUAHSI's 2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series: Urban Stormwater Hydroinformatics

Host: Randy Dymond, Virginia Tech

This timely cyberseminar series addresses a mashup of the serious problems that today’s cities are facing with flooding, inadequate information about their infrastructure, the critical need for monitoring water quantity and quality holistically, and the role of modeling for performance and scenario evaluation.