Developing and Utilizing Stormwater’s “Big” Dataset

2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series

Randel Dymond / Virginia Tech
Marcus Aguilar / Virginia Tech and City of Roanoke, Virginia
Clayton Hodges / Virginia Tech

Talk Description: 

Virginia Tech researchers worked with various municipalities to implement innovative mobile, cloud-based GIS to develop, deploy, and utilize data for watershed master planning, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, stormwater inspections, regulatory compliance, and infrastructure asset management. Procedures taken to build, troubleshoot, and improve the stormwater GIS are described, as are required personnel needs, data collection rates, and workflow scaling considerations. Various innovative scripts and tools used to develop and use this cloud-based GIS will be described, and the outcomes of this workflow will be presented with examples from two Virginia localities.

CUAHSI's 2018 Winter Cyberseminar Series: Urban Stormwater Hydroinformatics

Host: Randy Dymond, Virginia Tech

This timely cyberseminar series addresses a mashup of the serious problems that today’s cities are facing with flooding, inadequate information about their infrastructure, the critical need for monitoring water quantity and quality holistically, and the role of modeling for performance and scenario evaluation.