CUAHSI Virtual University: An experiment in interinstitutional graduate education

2019 Fall Cyberseminar Series

Steven Loheide / University of Wisconsin, Madison

Talk Description

CUAHSI Virtual University is an interinstitutional collaboration in graduate training that is in it’s third year of a pilot program.  It is structured such that students from participating institutions take three online modules from instructors across the nation offering very specialized topics in their subspecialty within hydrology while receiving credits from their home institution.  The modules are offered in a synchronous format to encourage networking and exchange of ideas among students from different institutions.  Participating students and faculty overwhelming agree their experience in CUAHSI Virtual University was valuable, but acknowledge challenges associated with engagement, workload, and technical issues.  An overview of the program and results of evaluations of CUAHSI Virtual University will be followed by a panel discussion during this cyberseminar. 

2019 Fall Cyberseminar Series: Emerging Advances in Hydrologic Education

Hosted by Emad Habib, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

With the increasing complexity in our natural and built systems, and with the recent advances in data and modeling technologies, hydrology educators recognize the need for providing learning experiences that address such challenges and opportunities. This Cyberseminar series will cover new developments that have emerged recently in the field of hydrology education, including: data and modeling-based learning experiences; use of active-learning pedagogies; development of open educational resources; digital and online education approaches; innovative methods for collaboration and sharing of learning resources; and water interdisciplinary curricula. The session highlights efforts at both undergraduate and graduate academic settings, as well as community and citizen-science engagements.