Coastal Dynamics in a Changing World

2019 H3S Spring Cyberseminar Series

Kyra Kim / University of Delaware
Deon Knights / Ohio State University
Jaiqi Liu / University of Tokyo
Julia Guimond / University of Delaware

Talk Descriptions

Beaches as a dynamic reactor: spatiotemporal dynamics of coastal groundwater biogeochemistry (Kim)

Fresh groundwater in coastal aquifers experience biogeochemical reactions that alter nutrient fluxes to oceans. My research focuses on how these reactions vary over space and time, influenced by hydrology, reactant delivery, and carbon transport.

Nitrate Removal Capacity of Delta Wetlands (Knights)

Wetlands that establish on deltas have the potential to retain nutrients and act as a buffer that limits nutrient flux to oceans. This project aims to quantify nitrate removal capacity of deltas and to understand variability in removal rates among unique delta environments.

Numerical modeling of Tsunami-Induced seawater intrusion in coastal areas (Liu)

The Niijima Island, Japan is facing tsunami risks triggered by the anticipated Nankai Earthquake in the next 30 years. We simulated the seawater intrusion and aquifer recovery processes under this tsunami scenario using numerical modeling method.

Sea-level rise changes groundwater-surface water exchange and hydro-redox zonations in a temperate salt marsh: implications for carbon cycling (Guimond)

Using a hydrological model of a mid-Atlantic salt marsh, we simulate present-day and future sea-level scenarios to understand how coastal marsh groundwater-surface water exchange and hydro-redox zonations will change and assess the implications of these changes on coastal carbon dynamics.

Note: The recording will be published at a later date due to unpublished work.

2019 H3S Spring Cyberseminar Series: Early career scientists conquer new frontiers: an H3S conversation

Hosted by CUAHSI and AGU's H3S

For the month of April, H3S, AGU's Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee, will be taking over CUAHSI's Cyberseminar series. Each of the four seminars will showcase talks by four early career scientists studying some of the most pressing issues around hydrology and beyond, including 1) Coastal Dynamics in a Changing World, 2) Rivers and Lakes Under a Changing Climate, 3) Water Resources and Management, and 4) Water Pollution and Quality. Scientists will give short presentations on the week's theme followed by a brief Q&A.