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The application phase (i.e. materials and interviews)

Hamed Alemohammad / Radiant Earth
Theo Barnhart / U.S. Geological Survey
Joanna Blaszczak / University of Nevada Reno
Jeffrey McDonnell / Global Institute for Water Security

The pre-application phase (i.e. when and how to start)

Walter McDonald / Marquette University
Adam Wlostowski / Lynker Technologies
Joanna Blaszczak / University of Nevada Reno
Ariel Atkinson / Southern Nevada Water Authority
Jeffrey McDonnell / Global Institute for Water Security

Water Pollution and Quality

Chelsea Peters / Vanderbilt University
Charlie Rolsky / Arizona State University
Kimberly Van Meter / University of Illinois-Chicago
Hossein Tavakoli / Michigan Technological University

Water Resources and Management

Azad Heydari / Michigan Technological University
Harsh Beria / Université de Lausanne
Elmira Hassanzade / Polytechnique Montréal
Erfan Goharian / University of South Carolina

Rivers and Lakes Under a Changing Climate

Lauren Somers / McGill University
Claire Beveridge / University of Washington
Fatemeh Ghader / Technische Universität Berlin
Katherine Markovich / University of Arizona

Coastal Dynamics in a Changing World

Kyra Kim / University of Delaware
Deon Knights / Ohio State University
Jaiqi Liu / University of Tokyo
Julia Guimond / University of Delaware