A Synthesis

2017 CUAHSI Cyberseminar Series on Hillslope Hydrology in Earth System Models

Sean Swenson / NCAR
Dave Lawrence / NCAR
Ying Fan Reinfelder / Rutgers University
Martyn Clark / NCAR

CUAHSI Cyberseminar Series on Hillslope Hydrology in Earth System Models!

Fridays, April - May (times vary)

Host: Ying Fan Reinfelder, Rutgers University

As part of the ongoing collaboration between CUAHSI and NCAR land model working group, funded by NSF-INSPIRE, we are conducting a community synthesis to explore the best ways to represent hillslope hydrology in the large model grids in global-scale Earth System Models (ESMs). A call for participation was issued in January, and several themes emerged from the contributions from the community. As planned, we will hold a series of cyberseminars to further explore these themes, formulate a common framework, and provide specific recommendations to ESM developers in the form of a synthesis paper.

This five-part cyberseminar series will differ from previous CUAHSI cyberseminars in that the presentation is held at the minimum here, leaving ample time for community input, discussions and debates. Each session will feature two short 10-minute presentations by colleagues who have given more thought on the issues. These short presentations are meant to start and stimulate discussions. Anyone who wishes to present a few slides (2-3) are welcome and encouraged. Please contact Ying Fan (yingfan@eps.rutgers.edu) if you plan to do so. We will need to upload your slides to CUAHSI beforehand.

May 30, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. EDT

A Synthesis

  • Sean Swenson, NCAR and Dave Lawrence, NCAR on the latest in CLM
  • Ying Fan Reinfelder, Rutgers University and Martyn Clark, NCAR on synthesis paper outline and writing tasks