Dates, Speakers & Topics: 

  • September 25, 2020: You Do Belong: Let's Talk About Impostor Syndrome
    • Rachel Scarlett, Ph.D Candidate - Purdue University 
    • Kamini Singha, Professor - Colorado School of Mines
    • David Brown, Associate Professor - Fort Hays State University 
    • Hendratta Ali, Associate Professor - Fort Hays State University 
  • October 30, 2020: TBA
  • November 20: TBA


Presentation Abstracts and Recordings

September 25, 2020

You Do Belong: Let's Talk About Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever felt that you don't belong in your research group or that someone made a mistake accepting you into graduate school? Do you worry that you will say or do something wrong and everyone will realize that you are a fraud? If so, you are not alone! You might be experiencing Impostor Syndrome, as everyone else does to some extent. Join us for a cyberseminar where we will discuss the pervasiveness of this phenomenon. In this webinar, the panelists will share their relationships with Impostor Syndrome - the root causes, how they deal with it, etc. - and as a group we will discuss how the scientific community can work to overcome this widespread issue in future generations of scientists. Join us for a community conversation to deconstruct this pervasive phenomenon so that you can start trying to shake off Impostor Syndrome. You do belong!

Do you have questions regarding the topic of Impostor Syndrome? If so, submit your questions here and the panelists will answer them during the cyberseminar!

View the recording of this talk here!