Cloud Based Data Publication with the CUAHSI Water Data Center

2014 Virtual Workshop Cyberseminar Series

Jon Pollak / CUAHSI

Talk Description:

The National Science Foundation has placed increasing importance on data management best practices and solutions for making publicly funded data accessible. The CUAHSI Water Data Center is a facility funded by the NSF to reduce the burden of data management and publication by providing tools and services that satisfy the NSF’s data requirements, which enables scientists to focus on the science of their research. In this talk, Jon Pollak will discuss the tools being developed at the Water Data Center, the feature requests being passed down from general users and the NSF, and some of the lessons learned in the first year and a half of WDC operations.

CUAHSI's 2014 Virtual Workshop on Field Data Management Solutions!

The CUAHSI Water Data Center, the LTER Network Office, and the Critical Zone Observatory National Office are jointly sponsoring a Virtual Workshop entitled "Field Data Management Solutions" to share tools, techniques, and tricks for handling the ever increasing volumes of data that observatories and other field sites are generating.

A series of webinars will be held during September and October 2014 featuring speakers from LTER sites, the CZO data project, and CUAHSI Water Data Center to share their experiences with data management and to share tools that have been developed.