A Modular GIS-Based Software Architecture for Model Parameter Estimation using the Method of Anchored Distributions (MAD)

2013 Spring HIS Cyberseminar Series

Yoram Rubin / University of California, Berkeley
Dan Ames / Brigham Young University

Talk Description:

The Method of Anchored Distributions software (in construction) is an extension to HydroDesktop for characterizing uncertainty in model parameters.  The software is designed to supplement the search and discovery of data with a suite of Bayesian statistical analysis tools.  The method is generally applicable and should support characterization of model parameters in a variety of scientific areas – current efforts are largely focused in subsurface hydrology, but new applications areas are a high priority.  The software is designed to be generically compatible with other numerical simulation and analysis tools to permit even greater utility for future users.  Our presentation will feature a brief summary of the Bayesian theory, a demonstration and discussion of a MAD application using the software, and an overview of the software architecture as well as development plans.