Iowa Flood Studies: A Field Campaign with Opportunities for Your Students

2013 Special Cyberseminar

Witold Krajewski / University of Iowa

Talk Description:

This spring, as part of a larger research project, NASA, in collaboration with other government agencies and members of the U.S. academic research community, will conduct a field experiment in northeastern Iowa called the Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS). The IFloodS experiment, one of several integrated hydrologic field experiments, will support Ground Validation program activities of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite mission through the collection and production of accurate, high-resolution time and space ground “reference” rainfall data sets to help enhance and unify precipitation measurements from space.

The IFloodS experiment presents a unique opportunity for members of the broader hydrologic community. Fieldwork experts are invited to place their own instruments and collect data on soil moisture, water quality and isotopic composition, soil erosion, evapotranspiration, energy budgets, shallow ground water, and more, all in the context of very high-resolution rainfall data. Modelers can challenge their models to make real-time forecasts of streamflow or other hydrologic variables.  Students are also invited to participate in the field activities and experience first-hand how large-scale experiments are coordinated and conducted. Students will be able to travel to Iowa for a week to help maintain instruments, collect data, and meet new colleagues. The presenter will also discuss available funding sources secured to broaden participation in the IFloodS research experiment.