Using CUAHSI HIS in the Shale Network to Assess Water Quality and Quantity Data in Regions of Hydraulic Fracturing

2013 Spring HIS Cyberseminar Series

Sue Brantley / The Pennsylvania State University

Talk Description:

Significant public controversy has developed in response to the use of hydrofracturing especially in the northeastern states underlain by the Marcellus shale where some citizens and scientists question whether shale gas recovery will contaminate local surface and ground waters. Researchers, government agencies, and citizen scientists in Pennsylvania are teaming up to run the Shale Network, an NSF-funded research collaboration network that is currently finding, collating, sharing, publishing, and exploring data related to water quality and quantity in areas that are exploiting shale gas. The effort, focused initially on Pennsylvania, is developing the ShaleNetwork database, which is hosted by CUAHSI and available for public download through the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System.