Experimental Hydraulics: New Views of the Rivers

2013 Spring Cyberseminar Series

Marian Muste / University of Iowa

Talk Description:

Recent advances in sensing, computer, and communication technologies have dramatically transformed our capabilities to observe rivers over a range of spatial and temporal scales.  Unprecedented views of the rivers can be obtained with non-intrusive, non-contact techniques (e.g., airborne or ground-based radars and lidars) or non-intrusive instruments in contact with the river (e.g., acoustic and optical technologies).  Most of the techniques from the first category are either under development or require funding that is not typically available for academic research. Increasingly affordable and attractive for the CUAHSI community are the commercially-available hydroacoustic instruments.  The presentation will critically evaluate capabilities, limitations, and uncertainties of the hydroacoustic instruments when used for hydrometric measurements (their original designation).  Additional capabilities of these instruments to visualize and quantify riverine hydromorphodynamics processes will be demonstrated using new data processing tools and protocols applied to in-situ measurements.  Initial attempts to integrate hydroacoustic measurements in the watershed landscape using a river data model will be also discussed.

CUAHSI's Spring 2013 Cyberseminar Series on Complementary Methods and Models!

Hosted by Adam Ward, University of Iowa.