HydroWatch: An Open Source Sensor Observatory

2013 Spring Cyberseminar Series

Collin Bode / University of California, Berkeley

Talk Description:

The goal of the HydroWatch project is to observe in the same place and at the same time, the entire water cycle – in the atmosphere, trees, soil, ground water and stream.  We have implemented a realtime wireless sensor observatory at the Angelo Coast Range Reserve in Mendocino, CA. Our study site is a small hillslope running from stream to ridge that is only 3,000m2 in size.  Within this area we have ~700 instruments measuring microclimate, sap flow in trees, soil moisture, well levels and water chemistry, and finally attempts to measure fractured rock moisture.  We implemented an open source variant of CUAHSI’s Observation Data Model database. This talk will focus on the implementation and operation of the sensor observatory.

CUAHSI's Spring 2013 Cyberseminar Series on Complementary Methods and Models!

Hosted by Adam Ward, University of Iowa.