The Director’s View of the CUAHSI Water Data Center

2013 Spring HIS Cyberseminar Series

Alva Couch / CUAHSI

Talk Description:

In this talk, Dr. Couch will give users a glimpse of the future of the CUAHSI Water Data Center, from the point of view of its current director. Running a national Data Center of any kind is a constant balancing act between cost and value. The value of data -- and the value of a data center in providing it -- is easy to understand; it is measured in terms of whether the data helps the data center's constituents meet their scientific goals. However, curating and providing useful data incurs some perhaps surprising and counter- intuitive costs.  Thus, the director of any data center must answer some really difficult questions, including the most difficult question of all: "exactly what is the value of publishing a specific dataset?" From this point of view, Dr. Couch will describe some of the first-year priorities for the Water Data Center in detail, and give a brief look into its future.