Hydrological data and maps based on SHuttle Elevation Derivatives at multiple Scales (HydroSHEDS)

Site Owner: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Website: http://www.hydrosheds.org/

Link to Data: indirect; includes HydroLAKES & HydroBASINS

Geographical Scope: global


Data Export Formats: ESRI Shapefile, ESRI GRID, ESRI Band Interleaved by Line (BIL)

Restrictions: register to download data


HydroSHEDS is a mapping product that provides hydrographic information for regional and global-scale applications in a consistent format. It offers a suite of geo-referenced data sets (vector & raster) at various scales, including river networks, watershed boundaries, drainage directions, and flow accumulations. HydroSHEDS is based on high-resolution elevation data obtained during a Space Shuttle flight for NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. 


Bernhard Lehner, Ass. Prof. of Global Hydrology at McCill Uni, bernhard.lehner@mcgill.ca