Virtual Workshop: Project EDDIE Module Adoption Workshop

Are you interested in teaching quantitative reasoning and looking to include data exploration in your classroom? Have you been thinking about implementing a Project EDDIE module that utilizes best practices for using large datasets to improve quantitative reasoning in students?

We have several excellent Project EDDIE opportunities that will further enrich your teaching of scientific concepts and quantitative reasoning using large datasets:

Virtual Workshop: Project EDDIE Module Adoption Workshop

The November Module Adoption Virtual Workshop (3 hours, plus two optional 3 hour sessions) is designed to help you adapt an existing module for your classroom. The program aims to help you plan how you can modify an EDDIE module to fit your geology, biology, environmental science, sustainability or related course to the students and context in which you teach (e.g. online, face-to-face, large classes). Optional sessions will focus on strategies to help you teach quantitative reasoning more inclusively. The application deadline for this workshop is September 30th. 

Webinar Series

Interested in learning more about EDDIE modules and how they were developed and used in the classroom? Want to get ideas for how to adapt them to your course? We invite you to register for the Project EDDIE webinar series, which features interactive events where you'll get to meet module authors and learn about new teaching materials developed by the project.

Attend the Project EDDIE Module Development Workshop

This face-to-face Project EDDIE module development workshop will be held January 20-22, 2022, at Carleton College in Northfield, MN and will focus on the design and development of teaching modules that address the community identified needs and barriers associated with environmental content and quantitative reasoning. Module topics will span ecology, limnology, geology, hydrology, and environmental sciences. Each module will focus on specific scientific concepts and address a set of quantitative reasoning or analytical skills, using high-frequency datasets that are publicly available online. Workshop attendees will include faculty members from different disciplines and institution types and will be selected through an application process. The application deadline for this workshop is November 1, 2021.

In conjunction with the AGU Annual Meeting: Art and Science Workshop:

If you are planning to attend the AGU annual meeting, we invite you to check out this workshop. In the first half of the workshop, educators will engage with strategies that help teach open data, and plan how they can adapt or adopt a Project EDDIE module in their course. In the second half of this workshop, a panel of artists including: Jiabao Li (Artist, Designer & Technologist), Gabriel Harp (Art & Science in Higher Education), Hannah Perrine Mode (Artist, Faculty on the Juneau Icefield Research Program) and Francesca Samsel (Artist, Big data visualization) will share rich examples of how they have built connections or translated science in ways that enhance learning or community connections. Using what they have learned from these artists, participants will develop and share their ideas and action plan for using a Project EDDIE module with artistic approaches in their course. Please register for our workshop as you sign up for the AGU meeting.